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Keith Brown

Three Circle Tai Chi is a Sydney based martial arts club founded by Keith Brown (Senior Instructor 5th degree World Taiji Boxing Association).  Keith has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang and Qigong for over 30 years.
Three Circle Tai Chi aims to disseminate and teach the best quality Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang and Qigong as taught by Master Montaigue. To connect with and move from your centre, to be grounded, to develop Fa Jing (explosive internal energy) for self defense, to develop and cultivate Qi in order to heal ourselves, others and eventually the world.



The practice of Qigong is about restoring, balancing, maintaining and circulating an optimal amount of internal energy (Qi) throughout the body via its energy (meridian) system. Regular practice can strengthen, loosen and relax the physical body, whilst bringing great calmness, stability, clarity and unity to the mind, emotions and spirit.

Although Qigong can be performed solely as a stand alone health practice, it should be considered an integral part of any internal martial art.  



Sometimes spelt Tai Chi Ch'uan literally translates as Great Ultimate Boxing and is considered to be the mother of all the Chinese internal martial arts.

The System presented is the traditional Yang Lu Chan style, as taught by the World Taiji Boxing Association. It consists of solo forms training both slow and fast forms as well as martial applications and two person training sets.



Also spelt Pa Kua Chang and meaning Eight Trigram Palms, it is considered to be the daughter of Taijiquan and contains the very best elements of the Wudang (Taoist) and Shaolin (Buddist) martial arts.

This is a traditional system of Baguazhang as taught by the World Taiji Boxing Association. It consists of the Original Dragon Palm circular form, linear fighting set, 8 animal forms and martial application / two person training sets.

Keith Brown

Classes in Inner West, Sydney and Northern Beaches

Thursday 7-8.30pm

Glebe Public School

9-25 Derwent St. Glebe,

Saturday 8am - 9am

Berry Reserve, Narrabeen

Mobile: 0416 144 017


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